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Technology marketing has become

increasingly challenging

Our research with technology marketers clearly shows that too many marketing campaigns fail to make an impact.

Technology buyers are cynical of marketing hype, overwhelmed by the sheer volume of

cyber security vendors and solutions, and are bombarded by messages all the time.

Differentiating your products, message and delivering marketing results has never been more competitive or difficult.

Top Priorities Expressed by Our Attendees

  • Digital Transformation

  • Innovation and Technology Leadership

  • Cybersecurity and Risk Management

  • Data Management and Analytics

  • Cloud Computing and Infrastructure

  • Customer-Centric IT

  • Mission Critical IT

  • AI and Automation

  • Sustainability and Social Responsibility

Sponsorship offers the opportunity to target and discuss specific pain-points, challenges and priorities with budget holders, decision-makers and influencers in digital transformation, digital services, data, AI and mission critical IT.

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